About us

The seventh year of the all-Russian educational forum “Theory and practice of anesthesia and intensive care: a multidisciplinary approach” passed a long distance from local event to an international event. Through this years, lecturers from more than 23 countries have performed at the Forum. Our team has accumulated invaluable experience, which we will be happy to share with you on educational forums throughout the Russian Federation. Presenting you the best lecturers from our country and from all over the world, the Russian Obstetrical Anesthesiologists and Intensivists Association (ROAIA) also expresses hope for your scientific activity.
We are faced with a highly humane task – to reduce maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidity in Russia, and we must do everything we can to implement it in our life. Practically that means regular updating of clinical recommendations, organizing and conducting of specialized Forums, and competent and confident work in the daily practice.

In 2020, a new collection of Clinical recommendations will be published – a unique project of interdisciplinary interaction of the best Russian specialists, which is being updated for the fifth time. The collection in printed form is available to both current and newly joined members of the Association, current number of association members is 4 000. Clinical recommendations are published on our official website: www.arfpoint.ru, as well as in the Association’s mobile app.

Since 2017, an electronic publication “Bulletin of obstetric anesthesiology” has been published monthly under the aegis of the ROAIA. The editorial Board of the Bulletin is open to your best works. In addition to the periodical, the Association has a database of author’s presentations of reports made on Forums that are available for viewing on the Association’s website.

All our educational forums are accredited by the coordinating Council of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and all participants receive points under the NMO system.

The ideological inspirers and co-chairs of the Forum are invariably: President of the ROAIA – Professor E. M. Shifman (MD, Professor) and the Vice-President of the ROAIA – Professor A. V. Kulikov (MD, Professor).

Dear colleagues, dear friends! We invite you to join us by joining the Association! We are open to new faces and new ideas. And it doesn’t matter what your medical specialty is – we all share the same goal – to ease the suffering of our women and make the process of childbirth as safe and comfortable as possible!